Sizebreed Construction are delighted to announce that the first two graduates have enrolled on our new two year, Structured Graduate Training Programme. This programme will provide each person with experience on every type of project we are involved with, both large and small, and in every department of our company, over a two year period. They will also attend external training courses and spend time working with designers, to ensure a fully rounded introduction to our industry. Their development will be carefully monitored and managed by our directors who will ensure that each trainee learns as much as they can about what we do, whilst also ensuring that they fully understand the need to focus all of their efforts on producing the highest possible quality, service and value for money for our customers. We are confident that this training programme will provide our newest recruits with the necessary skills and knowledge to become the Sizebreed project managers of the future. It is our firm intention that further recruits will be selected to join this programme each year, as we continue to grow our business.