Sizebreed are proud to have signed up to The 5% Club, an initiative focused on encouraging the recruitment and training of apprentices and graduates in the workforce. Club members consist of large and small employers from a wide range of sectors, who want to make a difference and support the UK’s ability to compete in increasingly tough global markets.

As members, Sizebreed must commit to making a public declaration to support the achievement of 5% of the company’s overall UK headcount being on a formalised apprentice, sponsored student and/or graduate programme and to report on their progress annually in a public document such as the Annual Report. Companies are also asked to commit to reaching the 5% target within a five year period.

In Sizebreed’s case, we are already well above the 5% target, due to our highly successful apprenticeship and graduate programmes, so our particular challenge is ensuring that this level of training is maintained and built on, and we are fully committed to that objective.

We are also keen to encourage members of our supply chain to join the 5% club, and we will be making sure that as many as possible do this in the coming months, with training being a key selection criteria which is now always taken into account when we award new contracts.