Sizebreed Group are absolutely delighted to announce that we have agreed a deal which will see the bespoke high end joinery firm, Smith & Brown Cabinet Makers, join Sizebreed Group.

Sizebreed Group’s board of directors, together with Smith & Brown’s founders, Julian Smith and Aaron Brown, are absolutely confident that this deal will provide both firms with huge benefits over the medium to long term. 

From Sizebreed’s point of view, we now have an in-house joinery capability which will allow us to have greater control over quality, programme and costs going forward. We will also have a stronger brand and profile, as many of our clients will see it as a huge benefit that we can now make some or all of their bespoke joinery with our own directly employed craftspeople, in a workshop located right here in London. 

For Smith & Brown, the greatest short term benefit will probably be greater access to Sizebreed’s workflow, as we will obviously try to ensure that they are always busy, and that will make their future much more certain. Longer term we are confident that being part of our Group will allow Smith & Brown to grow their business, to carry out higher quality work, on better projects, and to earn a better return for their efforts. 

For staff of both firms this merger represents a massive opportunity, as Smith & Brown staff now have much wider career options within Sizebreed Group, while Sizebreed staff can use this as a chance to learn much more about how joinery is made, assembled and installed. There will be chances for staff on both sides to spend time training and/or working in the other firm, and we are sure this will lead to a much greater knowledge base on each side. And of course Sizebreed’s graduates and apprentices will gain hugely from the increased opportunities to learn, hands on, in our new joinery workshop.

We are therefore sure that this acquisition will prove to be a hugely positive one for both firms, and that our staff, clients and suppliers will all see the benefits of our increased skill-set across our projects.