It’s International Women’s Day which celebrates the social, economic, cultural and political achievement of women. Here at Sizebreed, we love to empower Women in Construction.

For International Women’s Day at Sizebreed, we are embracing the power and progress of women in the construction industry.

Currently, the construction industry has the worst male to female ratio of any industry. It is extremely important for more business to embrace the power and progress of women in construction, there are positives for women in this industry – being in the minority can help you stand out amongst your male colleagues and become a crucial team member for roles where a woman’s skill set would work best. Having a more equal gender ratio within a workplace will offer a larger field of skills, new viewpoints and ideas as well as a varied and dynamic workplace.

Here at Sizebreed we welcome the opportunity to take on more women with the necessary skills required to work on our projects within the High end residential market.